Favorite Things – Pregnancy Edition

Things have been busy since our 20 week ultrasound! I immediately felt like it was go time since we are over halfway until baby time! If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, you already know that we are having a GIRL!



From my previous post, you know Justin thought it was girl, while I was leaning towards boy. I had a name picked out and a nursery theme ready to go for a baby boy so that figures! Although we don’t have a name for our little girl yet or a definite nursery theme, there are some things I am for sure loving during my pregnancy so I thought I’d share. Drum roll please…

1. Green Tea Pomegranate – This baby is not 100% caffeine free. With that said, I’ve always been sensitive to caffeine so I typically have just one cup of this green tea in the morning (unless I am cashing in my once a week treat for a decaf latte). It helps get me going and clear the fog of baby brain, a little. I also think it tastes amazing and sometimes green teas taste like earth.

2. Coconut Oil – Did you know you could use this stuff for just about everything? There are many items on the market for belly balm, body lotion, stretch mark reducers and erasers, etc. This stuff works just as well, is natural and is not nearly as oily as it sounds. I am loving it! I won’t claim it reduces stretch marks either. I am pretty sure that all depends on your genetic makeup, not the type of expensive cream you might be lathering on, but it helps with the itchiness of dry and stretched skin.


3. Leggings – I actually never wore leggings prior to pregnancy, but I am now obsessed. Maternity pants just don’t always fit right or want to stay up if your belly isn’t quite big enough yet. Leggings, however, seem to do the trick and are cute with a long tunic style shirt or sweater. Not to mention they are totally comfy. IMG_1897

4. Taking Walks – This is obviously an activity versus an item, but it is something that I have really tried to keep up with. Working out was not super appealing the first trimester due to exhaustion, and I think I am overly cautious about my movements now so I don’t accidentally overdo it. Walking has been a great way to get me exercise, get Selby out of the house, and an opportunity to catch up and connect with Justin. Hopefully the weather continues to be somewhat pleasant so we can stay outdoors as long as possible.

5. Cheese – Last, but certainly not least, I am loving cheese. Mini Babybels have been a preferred snack choice of mine, and I don’t see that ending any time soon. I try to limit the total quantity of cheese consumed within a day for various reasons, but I typically have my cheese snack by 9am. I even paired it with a decaf latte the other morning. Kind of strange, but how can two great things together be something bad? Hopefully my current love for cheese is helping Baby Bradshaw build some strong bones.

Do you have any favorites that you want to share that you have experienced or seen others love during pregnancy?


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