January April is such a pretty snow filled month.



Selby loves it, but this is how the rest of us feel. Spring forgot to tour the midwest this year…



Hard BAKED Eggs

No sooner had I pinned this to try later and my friend Ashley was already blogging about it. The idea is: baking eggs, instead of boiling them.

I am sure we have all struggled with peeling the shell off of a hard-boiled egg. Sometimes it can go perfectly and other times, well half of the egg comes with the shell. It is quite frustrating and makes you want to vow to never hard boil eggs again. Well, now there is a solution!

Hard Baked Eggs

Preheat oven to 325F. Put one egg in each hole of a muffin tin. This way they don’t bounce around and get lost in your oven.


Baked for 28 minutes. Once the timer goes off take eggs out of the oven and place into a bowl of very cold water. I used a spoon to remove them from the tin, because they are obviously going to be very hot coming out of the oven.


I let the eggs sit for about 15-20 minutes. Once I thought they were cool enough I started to peel. And let me tell you, they peeled so incredibly easy!!! But there was one thing that was a bit wonky and unexpected- they looked like this.


I thought I burned them. However, I consulted with the expert at Following the Yellow Brick Road, and she said that is how they are supposed to look when they are baked. Phew.

I urge you to give it a shot and save a whole lot of time trying to peel the suckers!

Have you ever tried something you found on Pinterest and it saved you a lot of time and effort?

Christmas Recap

Christmas comes and goes so quickly in the Bradshaw household. Through the hustle and bustle of trying to finish Christmas shopping and starting a new job (post on that to come later), we just felt really busy. And not to mention it took a toll on our house. Talk about messy.

We also didn’t feel entirely in the Christmas spirit, well I didn’t, and there was so much going on that I just didn’t feel like putting up any decorations. Frankly, I hate to take them out, just to have to put them all away again. It wasn’t until our first snow fall, or dump, that made me feel a little bit more in the spirit of Christmas.



We decided that this year we would put up our pre-lit artificial tree, sans ornaments. Since we weren’t hosting Christmas this year we didn’t find it necessary to go through all the work. Talk about Scrooges! We did notice how sad it seemed and quickly added Candy Canes.



Right before Christmas we had my brothers over to celebrate my younger brother’s 25th birthday! We were supposed to celebrate with my parents but my Mom ended up coming down with a bad cold and had to cancel. We all enjoyed Butternut Squash Risotto, Parmesan Chicken and some Funfetti cake.

Younger brother Rick, with friend Kristin and boyfriend Hans.


Niece Lainey with Uncle Rick’s funny birthday present.

Next came Christmas Eve, which we always spend with my side of the family. My older brother Mark, and his wife, Georgia, hosted the get together. The menu consisted of buffalo chicken dip and shrimp for appetizers; a beef roast, cheesy potatoes, coleslaw, and other goodies for dinner; and lots of treats, including a double layer pumpkin pie for dessert. We were stuffed. And luckily, the beef pot roast Mark picked up happened to be an expensive prime rib roast. Needless to say we all benefitted from his error this Christmas. It was really good.

Hostess Georgia, SIL.
Lainey with Pop Pop, my Dad Jim.
Mark preparing the goods.
Sandahl Christmas Tree.

And we did go in reverse order because presents came before dinner this year. I will keep this part short and just highlight with some pictures. The best part of Christmas this year was it being Lainey’s first Christmas! Although she doesn’t understand what Christmas is, it was still a lot of fun. Worst part about Christmas was my Mom being too sick to attend. Luckily with technology we were able to FaceTime with her.

Justin with Christmas Ale. Shipped from Colorado from a friend of ours at the Brewery.


Helping his daughter with her first Christmas present.
Helping Mom watch Christmas.
Dad got his own DSLR.
Lainey loves Christmas.
No words.

IMG_0304 IMG_0307 IMG_0339And on Christmas Day we spent our time with Justin’s family. We took a lot less pictures, and really focused on playing with so many of our nieces and nephews. I hope you felt as blessed as we did this holiday season!



Heavy Hearts

The whole country was stunned when they heard about the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT. There are so many unanswered questions, and I find myself constantly thinking about it. How could someone take so many innocent lives, so many innocent children? Unfortunately, we will never understand what happened. All we can do is keep the families affected in our thoughts and prayers.

As I drove to the mall today to finish up some Christmas shopping I felt a little selfish. I thought of the families who won’t be spending Christmas with their son, daughter, mother or father ever again.

So, as I shopped for my little nieces, nephews, and god children I felt grateful for having the opportunity to do so. Give extra hugs and kisses this holiday season and every day thereafter.



For the Bible Tells You What?

Election day is only four days away, and I am one of the least political people you will ever meet. I claim to be a moderate, a centrist, a person who doesn’t believe in career politicians or voting down party lines. I look forward to witnessing the first woman president, but also admire a first lady with a good sense of fashion. And although I don’t typically lose sleep during election season, I find myself constantly thinking about November 6, 2012.

I often wondered if I would ever believe in something so strongly I’d be willing to show up to the capitol to protest. Would I ever waive a banner, hold up a sign, or shout into a megaphone. (side note: Just stop for a second to think about me shouting into a megaphone. Talk about loud!) Turns out the answer is yes.

Minnesota not only will help elect the next leader of what I consider to be the best country in the world, but we will also be voting on two constitutional amendments. One of those amendments is the marriage amendment. An amendment proposed to discriminate and prevent couples of the same gender to marry.

I’ve heard a lot of differing opinions. And let me be the first to tell you that I am fully aware that everyone is entitled to their opinion. And that in America we have something called the 1st amendment- freedom of speech. (fancy that, a constitutional amendment to protect freedom, not limit it.) But let me also be the first to tell you that I have a hard time understanding and accepting an opinion that supports the marriage amendment. Some opinions believe homosexuality is a choice, is unnatural and is an abomination. While others see no harm in letting a couple of the same-sex wed. Love is love, right?

But one of my least favorite opinions is that they cannot support gay marriage because God does not support gay marriage. I am not a bible expert, I don’t attend church every Sunday, or really any Sunday, and some Christians would judge and scoff at that fact alone. But I still consider myself a believer. What I find myself struggling with is why. Why doesn’t God support it and how do we really know? God didn’t write the Bible. It is an interpretation of what people believe God believed. I don’t want to discredit the Bible, because it has a lot of good stuff in there, but isn’t it reasonable to believe that we could have gotten something a little bit off? We’ve all played the game telephone before, and we all know how the game ends.

I also don’t want to try to speak for God during this blog post. He has never visited me in a dream and said, “I actually don’t mind who marries who, as long as they are good people, believe in me, and spread the love.” I just can’t imagine God would discriminate against one of his very own children so why would he ask us to? When my younger brother came out as a gay man one of the first things he said was, “I am afraid God hates me.” It broke my heart. And right now the same people who don’t support gay marriage because of God would say that God doesn’t hate him, because God doesn’t hate anyone. It’s just that God doesn’t support his choices. What choice? The choice my little brother didn’t get to make? The choice to fall in love with a man instead of a woman?

I don’t know about you, but that logic totally seems off. It seems off to think that gay marriage will ruin the sanctity of marriage. What is sacred about it these days anyway? The fact that the divorce rate is through the roof? Is it the domestic violence between wedded partners (don’t worry though, it was at least between a man and a woman). Or is it something else?

I know I may not change anyone’s opinion by writing this. But I also know that it may make someone think a little harder about the issue. Maybe some people are inclined to vote in favor of the amendment because they don’t know anyone who would be directly affected by it. Feel free to introduce them to me. I will be affected, my brother will be affected, my WHOLE family will be affected.

By voting NO on November 6 you will not legalize gay marriage. Nothing will actually change. However, it will allow for this conversation to continue. So please, let us continue the conversation. VOTE NO!!!



The Next Chapter

Labor Day, the unofficial, but fairly official last day of summer. A three-day weekend is a treat for most full-time laborers. It is a chance for families to spend a long weekend together before gratefully sending their kids back to school. And for me, it used to mean a long weekend before school and work really started to get hectic.

Luckily, this fall for me is different. I am not spending hundreds of dollars on text books, and I am not reading through each class’ syllabus and jotting down a strategy to make sure I can juggle it all. Instead I am turning the page and beginning a new chapter in my life. There hasn’t been a large change…not yet anyway. I look at this chapter as a transition chapter. The chapter that makes sure all details have been worked through. The chapter that may not be the most memorable in my story but just as important as the rest.

This week I go through orientation for my first internship. I have been working full-time for a long time. However, most PR pros will recommend you have one to two internships on your resume. So, here I go. Internship one. I will be doing social media for the volunteer department at a local museum.

I am also joining Rotary International. I will be doing public relations work for the Stillwater Sunrise club. Rotary is an organization that my husband is involved with (different club), and their ideas and community involvement are things I admire. Also through the club I am becoming a STRIVE mentor for this coming school year.  And let’s not forget I am till working 3-4 days a week at the eye clinic. A girl must be able to pay her bills!

I wish I could say that my fall is different this year because I will be quite bored, but let’s be honest, me and bored don’t really work well together so maybe I don’t really wish that. This fall will be a pivotal year for my personal and professional development. I can’t wait to see how the rest of the year unfolds.

“All people dream, but not equally.
Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their mind, wake in the
morning to find that it was vanity. But the dreamers of the day are dangerous
people, For they dream their dreams with open eyes, And make them come
true.” D.H. Lawrence



You aren’t old but…

The other day a friend told me her younger brother was about to turn 25. I was shocked. How on earth could he be 25 already? Then I realized my younger brother was the same age as hers. I had been telling people he was 22 or 23 for the past three years. So, how did he get to be 25 when I am 25?

Turns out I am not 25 anymore. And although I am not old by any means (young 27), I sometimes forget that I am aging. I have always considering myself somewhat of a late bloomer. Not in a super delayed sort of way or an immature sort of way, I have just always progressed at my own pace. While most of my peers were wearing Dr. Martens and shopping at Abercrombie & Fitch, I was just discovering Old Navy and creating imaginary friends and adding Pooh Bear stickers to my trapper keeper. While my friends were out kissing boys, I was busy making my older brother’s friends sandwiches and hoping they would at least say hello to me in the hallway at school. The summer before senior year of high school one of my best friends was taking me to drivers ed every day- she had her license almost two years before me. And of course, my most recent delayed accomplishment was earning my bachelor’s degree about five years later than most.
I am not upset about any of these “delayed” starts. They have shaped me in to who I am today, and I believe that taking my sweet time on some things has allowed me to get to know myself better. I have been very please with what I have accomplished so far in my life and look forward to every thing that lies ahead- and it doesn’t matter if I am “behind” or not.
And that brings me to the point of this blog post. Once a girl gets married and graduates from college there is a pressure brought on by society and a never ending question of…”When are you going to have a baby?” And lets be honest, it is a pretty good question. I still haven’t figured out the answer to it.
It doesn’t really upset me when I get asked because I get it. Justin and I are going to make amazingly adorable babies. We shouldn’t keep the world waiting. And it doesn’t bother me because frankly, I am asking myself the same question. And when I think about having a child I think I actually have to birth the sucker and that is terrifying! So, I decided to develop a, “Before Baby Bucket List.” Makes sense right? What do I need to accomplish to make myself feel like I am ready and even old enough to be a Mom.
Before Baby Bucket List
  • Begin my career. I don’t anticipate wanting to be a stay at home Mom, so I want to get my feet wet before needing to take off for maternity leave.
  • Justin’s job needs to settle down. He has been really busy and really stressed. Needless to say, adding a baby wouldn’t make those feelings go away- no matter how cute.
  • Get in better shape. I want to make my body as healthy as possible so my baby has the best possible environment to grow in. That means cleaner eating.
  • Put a budget together. I know, babies are expensive and you can never really afford them, but we may as well get some things in order first.
  • Pay off our “mini mortgage.” I don’t fully understand it, but we have two. Justin tried to explain it and he loses me every time.
  • Find a church. We’d really like to find a church to call “ours” before having a child. We hope to start visiting local churches soon!
  • Paint the upstairs bathroom. Bright blue with a dreadful quote may give the baby bad taste in home decor.
  • Paint the downstairs bathroom. Sponge paint might confuse the baby on whether or not it was born in the 2010s or the 1990s.
  • Paint the upstairs family room. I heard ghastly greens are bad for their development.
  • Start a garden. I’d like to be able to make my own baby food with some home grown produce!
  • Take a BIG vacation. Back to Europe anyone? Or perhaps a visit to the New Zealand relatives?
Some people have said having a Before Baby Bucket list is a good idea while others have told us we are crazy. So let us know what you think…or don’t. Either way, people typically ask pretty private questions so why not pipe up now that I am sharing it here. Plus, we are willing to take suggestions if you think we should add to it!