Virginia is For Lovers

I am not sure if you knew that, but everyone in Virginia will tell you it is true. Perhaps that is why it was so fitting that Justin and I traveled to Richmond, VA for a wedding. A friend from high school married a lovely lady he met while working in Richmond post college. Justin and I arrived on a Friday afternoon and spent two nights in Richmond, two nights in Virginia Beach and one night in Washington D.C.

When we arrived our room was not ready for us yet. We left our luggage with the hotel bell boy (is that pc?) and decided to check out the area.

The first piece of history we found was the Old City Hall. It looks like a building you might find in Europe but not the United States. However, we quickly found out how historical Richmond really is.

On the stairs leading into the Old City Hall building.

After finding the Old City Hall building we decided to head for the capitol which is just a block or two away. Around the capitol were many monuments and memorials. Our favorite represented one of the many civil rights movements. This one was the famous court case Brown v. The Board of Education.
This lady deserves a high five for her hard work!
The Capitol of Richmond, Va. This was also the capitol of the Confederacy during the Civil War.
Without the self timer function we wouldn’t have been able to capture this framer.
After our quick 5 block tour of Richmond we were finally able to check in to the first Marriott of our journey. We cleaned ourselves up and got ready to meet some friends who were also staying in the area for the wedding. We had some pretty rockin’ Mexican. Not to mention it was happy hour, which made the long walk home in heels that much more interesting.
Half of the table.
The restaurant ended up turning into a mini dance club after the sun went down. Who knew!?
The wedding was the next day, and it was so great to see another friend’s nuptials. Their wedding ceremony was at a beautiful Lutheran church in Richmond and the reception followed at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. It was beautiful!
Aerial view of the reception. Classy.
The groom and I.
After our weekend in Richmond, VA we headed to Virginia Beach. While visiting we ended up devouring some of the best sea food we have ever eaten! We also had one good day to enjoy some sun!
The view from our hotel room.
Waterman’s famous crab dip. Yum!
Neptune on the Virginia Beach Boardwalk.
The fly overs from a near by Naval base were insane! Justin loved it!
Tautogs- Another insanely yummy place.
Crab nachos.
Justin’s Flounder in a bag. My Salmon and Kahlua whipped sweet potatoes.
And finally, we headed to our nation’s capitol, which luckily, is nothing like the capitol in The Hunger Games. Since I recently read the trilogy I couldn’t help thinking about it!
We spent most of our time in D.C at the Smithsonian’s Air and Space Museum.
Unfortunately the Obama’s didn’t get the memo we’d be in town. They had another engagement in NYC and couldn’t visit with us.
We were able to see the new Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. It was awesome, and it will probably show up again in a later post.
It was a fabulous vacation for this pair of lovers!