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Quinoa Burger FAIL

  I like that my husband gets excited when I try new recipes, but I especially love it when he doesn’t complain when it doesn’t turn out like we had planned. Tonight’s dinner was inspired by recipe posted by my … Continue reading

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He Who Never

It is going to be a long, icy commute into Minneapolis this morning, but I couldn’t ask for anything better to listen to on the way in. I woke up this morning to find a notification that He Who Never … Continue reading

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Tonight was our first weigh in since starting a weight-loss challenge a week ago.  After receiving the results of our initial scan last week it felt like I was kicked in the gut and slapped across the face.  I think I have always been … Continue reading

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Gone Girl

After last month’s embarrassing book club fiasco, I made it a point to be better at book club. You could say it is a New Year’s Resolution of mine. Luckily the book for January, Gone Girl, was a breeze to … Continue reading

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Tonight was our first meeting for the weight-loss challenge my Mom and I signed up for. We were both surprised to see a lot more people there than we expected. It instantly freaked my Mom out. She said, “If there … Continue reading

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Hey Girl…

Tonight my Mom and I start an eight week weight-loss challenge. Technically, we are starting a week late, so it is a seven week weight loss challenge for us. (Justin hates it when I say technically, but I can seem … Continue reading

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